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Why own a mechanic shop?

lifting a truckWhen I tell people I own an auto repair shop I get a strange look. I opened Queen Bee Auto Repair shop for every woman and/or man that has ever felt like they were taken advantage of by mechanic shops. We strive to offer the best service with the guarantee that we will never sell you parts or services you do not need.

We feel blessed and want to pass the savings on to the public, by offering excellent service and quality work that you can trust. I want everyone to feel secure in choosing to bring their cars into our shop. As a woman, I always felt like I had to have my husband or dad take care of dealing with car repairs.
I opened this shop so women and men alike can feel comfortable bringing in their cars and not feel like they need to take out a loan for a simple car repair.


Charlyn Liechty

Owner Queen Bee Auto Repair



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