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White – burning gas – OK Black – burning oil – not good Blue – possibly leak from antifreeze – not good at all. Pulsating rings – Indian camp setup in engine.


Over $1000 of repair work YES, if you have an interference engine. Count on major damage. It depends on your type of engine. Do a Google search for your vehicle and the word “interference”. If your engine is an interference engine, then yes.

If you don’t have an interference engine, when the belt brakes you loose power and hopefully are able to pull safely to the side till you can get towed. In an interference engine, the pistons and valves slam into each other costing thousands of dollars of repair work. So don’t risk it. Look in your car manual or schedule to see how often you should change the timing belt. If you are not sure, get a free evaluation (over the phone, or schedule to come in) and find out if you need to or not. Papa bee will explain how you can tell how old your belt is, and what is recommended by your car’s manufacturer.


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