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I have been taking my car to Eric with Queen Bee Auto, for a number of years. The first time I had the pleasure to meet him: I had a mini van giving me issues. It was costing me an arm and a leg. Eric had the Van for about an hour and told me he had fixed the problem and it was ready to be picked up. I was so ecstatic. He fixed the van for a great price and was honest about how much work he did to it, what it needed, and told me some of the items that did not need fixed just yet. He has fixed just about everything I own from then on. I can not go on enough about how honest he is. Eric and his lovely wife operate their business with pride, and build trust with the customer. I send my wife and mother into the shop alone. I do not have to worry about the work being done, or the price. I know it will be honest. Eric donates his time and talents to others. He serves as a volunteer for Fire/EMS, his church, and community. Using his talents to assist people in need. Being in Law-enforcement and Former US Navy, Eric will take care of my vehicle needs when I am not able to be there to take the car in. He has worked on my sons car late into the evening…so my son could return to School at USU in Logan. I can not go on enough about this man. When in his office you will not hear any cursing, or see inappropriate pictures. It is a comfortable experience. Thank you Eric and Family.

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