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Posts by zebrastripes123

Eric versus Shop Cats

So we have some wild cats at the shop that we are trying to catch and release outside. They won’t go outside at all. So the other day Eric finally manages to catch one of them and get it outside. A little while later, he has to open the bay door to bring a car…

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Fix It or Forget It

Fix It or Forget It By: Charlyn and Eric Liechty Should I repair my car or should I just buy a new one? Is a question we get asked quite frequently. The answer is never the same for everyone and is a question only you can answer. Whether you should buy a new car or…

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How to deal with Auto Shops

Unexpected Charges How to deal with Auto Shops Title 2: How to deal with shops that charge without your permission or By: Charlyn and Eric Liechty Have you ever taken your car to a mechanic shop for a minor repair only to walk out spending hundreds of dollars more than you planned on spending? If…

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