Having engine problems? Need an engine swap? We offer the following options to help with engine problems.

  • We can assist you in finding a used engine (usually from a vehicle that was wrecked but did not suffer engine problems). We have a reputable source of used engines that offers up to a 12 month warranty. This option is your best value and lowest cost.
  • We can install a remanufactured engine. This is an engine that has been used, then, rebuilt to function as a new engine would. This option is good for vehicles that still have a lot of life left and you are planning on driving for an extended amount of time.
  • We can do a vehicle inspection and if we deem there is value to fixing the car and selling it through our sister company we can make you an offer to purchase your car from you.
  • We can help you donate your vehicle to a charity such as Kidney Kars.