Help! How do I find a repair shop when I am away at College?

We have had a few of our customers ask us how to find their kids a good repair shop when they move away from the Springville area to attend college. They tell us it is hard to find an honest auto repair shop for college students to use when they are away at college. They want to know how to find a good repair shop that will not take advantage of college students. Far too often repair shops located around college campuses get in the habit of seeing these students as a one-time customer (or maybe a few times while they are at college) so they over charge them for repairs. They are not striving to keep them for a lifetime because they know that usually people graduate from college and move away to get jobs or move back to where they are originally from. This can become troublesome as the shop might tend to over-charge for repairs. We have a few suggestions:

  1. Do your homework on all repair shops. Google, Yelp or similar sights is a great way to find out what people are saying about the auto shop you are looking at. Also, if they don’t have any reviews be wary and don’t be afraid to post your own reviews on mechanic shops, you may save or help someone else find or stay away from a certain shop.
  2. You are the boss. What you say goes. If you don’t want a repair done the mechanic shop cannot do it. They do not own the car you do. Be ready to walk away if needed. They cannot keep you or your car there as HOSTAGES.
  3. Get educated “Google it”. If you need a certain job done do not be afraid to do some research on Google or some other search engine on the internet so you know what to expect when you go talk to your mechanic. If you don’t know what is wrong get a quote and then Google the repair so they cannot sell you on unneeded parts.
  4. Call around. Get price quotes from different shops to compare their prices and what the quote include. Also, ask them what their labor rate is.

Our suggestion is know before you go. Before you authorize a repair know all you can about the parts or services needed. We are always happy to offer our opinion over the phone and can be reached at 801-798-8819. The more you know the harder it will be for a shop to over-charge you or sell you unnecessary parts. If you have any suggestions for our readers please post them on our Facebook page.